Why training self defense ?

Why you should learn self defence.

Ever wondered what you might do if you were attacked? Or how you would react. It pays to know how to defend yourself. Whether you’re shopping, having fun night out with friends, or waiting for a lift if your car breaks down, you never know when someone could attack you. In these situations, knowing self-defence moves could come in handy.

Know How to Protect Yourself

Taking a self-defence class, you’ll learn the necessary skills for handling any potential conflict situation. You will also learn to become more aware of your surroundings when you’re out and about. A good self-defence class teaches students how to assess their environments to better position themselves for safety in any conflict, even in situations that aren’t life-threatening, it’s important for individuals to know how to carry and defend themselves and loved ones.

Improvement in Self-Confidence

One of the more important benefits of taking self-defence classes is knowing you can protect yourself. This improved self-confidence will embody itself more as you perfect your techniques and giving you the necessary tools so you can ward off any attacker in any situation. Self-confidence is the best outfit you can wear.

Improves Balance and strengthens Core.

When facing unexpected danger, you must be able to execute defensive tactics without losing balance. Learning to stay on your feet is a must in case your attacker continues attacking you. A good Self-defence class will teach you to control your body while you focus on your target.

Enhances Natural Reflexes.

Over time, and with continuous practice, you’ll learn what moves to use against different types of attacks whether they be a single or multiple attacker. As you progress in your training, your self-defence tactics will become embedded, you will think it is natural reflex action.

Get You in Combat Ready Shape

Should you be ever attacked on the street, you must have the physical endurance to execute the moves to subdue your attacker or attackers. Otherwise, you will soon be overcome due to exhaustion. When you take self-defence classes, you’ll build up your fitness and stamina so you can withstand the rigors of close quarter combat and overcome your attacker. By maintaining a regular exercise regime, will also help you maintain your strength and physical abilities should your newfound defensive tactics skills ever be required.

Make New Friends

Taking a regular self-defence classes will also help you make new friends.


Written by jjkapap2